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Anjouan elections slated for June
The Anjouan Island will elect its president by late June, according to the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), Ali Saïd.

"The electoral calendar, schedule and budget have been filed to the government and the Constitutional Court," he was quoted by the Tuesday edition of the Al-Watwan newspaper as saying.

He said the CENI was assessing its needs for the election to be held "as soon as possible and in the best conditions pending the reaction of the various parties" to the proposals.

The poll is expected to cost about 487,805 euros (or 240 million Comoran francs).

According to the CENI chairman, the Project for the Support of the Electoral Process in Comoros (APEC) will bear most of the cost of the election costs, as it was the case in Mohéli and Ngazidja last year.

The poll will be secured by the Electoral and Security Assistance Mission (MAES) of the African Union force in Comoros and the Comoran security forces, who have been controlling the Anjouan Island since 25 March, following the escape of the Island’s self-declared President, Mohamed Bacar.


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