Akon : Singer rapper or just a professional liar ?

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Akon, the successful R&B and Rap artist, had people believe that he spent four years in prison on heavy charges. His “bad boy” image has been much appreciated by many rap fans. A report by The Smoking Gun internet site debunks the myth.

By Hanan Ben Rhouma

Locked Up a worldwide hit by Akon in 2004 must ring a bell ! The single from his debut album, Trouble, sold 4 million copies with 1.6 million in the United States only. The track referred to some of the tough times he endured as a prison inmate. At least that is what he claimed in several interviews including the fact that he had spent over four and a half years in prison.

According to him, the time he spent in prison was as a result of leading a gang of car robbers. His interviews also recounted armed robberies and car chases with the police…

These stories apparently, would all be lies. An investigation held by The Smoking Gun revealed that these stories had no truthful basis and were the fruit of the Akon’s imagination for no other reason than to boost his commercial image.

A load of promotional lies.

The investigation started after an incident in June 2007. During one of his concerts, Akon threw a young teenage fan into the audience that had allegedly thrown an object at him. The kid landed on a teenage girl provoking a head injury. The artist was found innocent pledging an “accident”.

According to the preliminary results of the investigation, Akon was arrested only once on weapon possession charges. An arrest that did not send him to prison. Not sensational enough by his standards. He was incarcerated for a few months when stopped by police at the wheel of a stolen BMW.

But should we be happy for him because it makes him less of a liar ? His version of the story was undermined by statements from people close to him considering they had not received enough money in proportion to the amount the rapper was making. If this story is verified (it should be according to several media sources), at least he can consider his tactics worked. At age 35, the American rapper from Senegal is compared to 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg or even Eminem and has amassed quite a fortune for himself.

Akon who has not reacted to this rumor, until now, is about to release a third album named Acquitted. In an interview with American press Akon declared having collaborated with Michael Jackson. The artist added :“Michael is the only person with whom I could collaborate.”

In the meantime, his autobiography will be published in the month of May with the help of Thug Politics.

The question is what his story is going to be this time. One thing though is sure, we will eagerly be waiting for Akon’s book.

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