DR Congo detains teachers accused of planning to attack Rwanda

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Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Twelve Congolese teachers serving in Rwanda have bee n detained at the National Intelligence Agency (ANR) in Bukavu, the South Kivu province in the DR Congo, on charges of planning to attacking Kinshasha, police sources said Tuesday.

According to the Special Border Police (PSF) commander, the Congolese security services have accused the teachers of undergoing a political and military training in Rwanda preparatory to attacking the DR Congo.

Since 1 April, the Congolese teachers and their Rwandan colleagues have been fol lowing a three-week political and military training in Rwanda, according to one of the detainees who declined to be named.

The teacher noted that the first training modules covered the fight against genocide, 14 years after the one that occurred in Rwanda, noting that the session also provided for a military self-defence training.

Five of the prisoners had been arrested while travelling to Cyangungu, a nearby prefecture, while the seven others were returning from training at the time of their arrest.

ANR and the Migration department (DGM) as well as some elements of the PSF claim that investigations were still on to find the reasons for the training.

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