African transport ministers meet in Algeria to address a common vision

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Flag of Algeria
Flag of Algeria

The maiden conference of African Transport Ministers opened Thursday with a view to mapping out a common vision in the transport sector consistent with the current economic situation.

The conference, preceded by a meeting of experts since Monday, is expected to address development issues, infrastructures and transport services in Africa.

The ministers are expected to harmonise the African transport policy, devised through a common vision at the continental level, as well as a common commitment towards cross-disciplinary issues of environmental security, safety and conservation in the next few years.

The meeting is expected to come up with resolutions to ensure a better running of the various transport modes through facilitation measures for transit competitiveness and security and a better sectoral management — appropriate technical, social and economic regulations — in the light of experiences from others parts of the world.

Goods transit through some countries will also be addressed during the meeting in order to find enhance inter-African trade.

The ministers are also expected to discuss the Trans-Saharan route due to link Algiers (Algeria) with Lagos (Nigeria).

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