Morocco : A plan to boost agriculture unveiled

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Seeking to revive the agricultural sector in the face of an increasing global food crisis, the Moroccan government has decided to opt for a new strategy.

By Kaci Racelma.

This new strategy which is spread over a period of ten years, will focus on improving the situation of farmers and creating employment and wealth.

The minister of agriculture Aziz Akhenouche, unveiled a new investment plan last week. The plan spread over a period if 10 years aims at boosting the Moroccan economy as well as elevating the standard of living of Moroccans. The new strategy will also consist of providing farmers with technical and financial assistance to increase their production.

The 11 billion Dirham plan consists of the creation of a national agricultural fund as well as the development of over 1500 new projects including the development of rural farming. It also tackles lasting solutions on issues concerning working conditions in the farming sector, subsidies for irrigation and other farming equipment, the establishment of storage and marketing units for farm produce, and the intensification of livestock operations.

The minister believes that the backlog caused by complicated procedures must give way to a new “one-stop shop” to help improve the Moroccan farming sector. It is in this light that the current legislated average wait of 13 months for financial aid, considered too long, is being reviewed to cut it to only 40 days.

The new farming policy aims at promoting and guiding private investment, through targeted subsidies, and focusing on activities which would make better use of the country’s agricultural potential.

Ten regional funds are also about to be launched in addition to the national fund to allow farmers to increase their production. This new strategy has been applauded by Moroccan farmers.

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