Conference on semi-arid area development opens in Ethiopa

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Flag of Ethiopia
Flag of Ethiopia

A conference on the improvement of the rural living conditions in Africa’s semi-arid areas opens at the headquarters of the African Union (AU) Tuesday.

The meeting, due to last two days, is organised by the AU’s specialised Office for the Promotion of Agricultural Research and Development in semi-arid areas (UA – SAFGRAD).

Several producers, researchers, decision-makers and development partners will take part in the conference which mainly seeks to define the key factors fostering better rural living conditions in Africa’s semi-arid areas and to devise a strategy for an efficient and coordinated intervention that eases the transformation of rural living conditions in Africa.

Participants will identify the relevant players and improve the networks and for a involved in the improvement of living conditions in rural areas. They are further expected to define the major development issues, challenges and opportunities related to rural life.

The meeting is expected to come up with the drafting of a strategy and an action plan that will serve as a common platform for building and empowering a coalition of players in the areas of agriculture and rural development in the semi-arid areas within the continent.

The conference will also address the issues of water and land access and management, productivity, technology and innovation, market access and performance, local capacity building to stem climate change and desertification.

Participants will explore ways to contribute to an effective running of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP).

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