Robert Mugabe gains support from Namibian workers union

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Flag of Zimbabwe

Namibia’s umbrella workers’ union has condemned the ongoing international attack on the Zimbabwean government, saying workers still have fresh memories of the agonies of the liberation struggle.

National Union of Workers of Union (NUNW) of Namibia said that ‘self proclaimed human rights’ activists and the so-called civil society organisations in Namibia had also joined the chorus of those ‘hell bent on spreading lies’ about Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

NUNW President Alphaus Muheua said in a speech at a workers’ day celebrations that Mugabe committed a grave ‘sin’ when his government embarked on a land redistribution programme.

Speaking at celebrations to mark the international day for workers held in the coastal town of Walvis Bay, Muheua said that some African leaders did not seem to fully understand western countries’ long-term strategy – which is, not to mess with their kith and kin in the continent.

He added that Mugabe would have remained the darling of the western countries had his government not disposed land from white commercial farmers for redistribution to landless blacks.

“What we as Africans must never lose sight of is the fact that the only sin comrade Mugabe committed is when he repossessed the stolen lands and returned them to their rightful owners in 2000,” Muheua said.

“If comrade Mugabe had kept quite like he did since the independence of Zimbabwe in 1980, Britain and America as well as their puppet organisations across the world…could not have been so upbeat about comrade Mugabe today,” Muheua said.

He said workers still had fresh memories of days when iconic African leaders were referred to as terrorists ‘by the same western states and their puppets’.

Muheua cited Namibia’s Founding President and Father of the nation, Sam Nujoma, who he said was at one time referred to as ‘a terrorist and a communist dog’ by South Africa’s apartheid regime, Margaret Thatcher and the Ronald Reagans.

The same names were given to other African leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Samora Machel, Robert Sobukwe, Julius Nyerere and Kwame Nkrumah.

Muheua said that it was not surprising that the same forces had turned their guns on Mugabe. “It is, however, a pity that some African leaders do not seem to properly understand the long-term political strategy of the custodians of the global white supremacy system.

“The white supremacists are trying to tell our leaders never to mess around with their kith and kin in Africa, or else, they will give us the bitter end of their medicine,” Muheua said.

“We as African leaders must not be careless when dealing with the Zimbabwean situation as this will give the westerners and their puppets the opportunity to declare victory of evil over good,” he added.

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