Twin babies sold for US dollars

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The Nigeria police have paraded a 26-year-old woman and her accomplices in the commercial city of Lagos after she allegedly sold her twin boys for a total of 120,000 naira (US$1,025), citing her inability to cater for them.

The police identified the woman as Nwagego Thomas while the buyer is Helen Uloma, who claimed she bought the twins for her barren sister who is based in the US.

Nwagego said she sold the twins, who were born 27 February, 2008 at the high-brow Island Maternity in Lagos, because the man who impregnated her, 42-year-old John Ezeugwu, denied paternity and also maltreated her.

She said she made several attempts to terminate the pregnancy, but failed.

“Of the 120,000 naira, I gave Obinna, the chemist from whom I bought some drugs on credit during pregnancy, the sum of 15,000 naira (US$128) and I gave Chinyere, the lady that introduced me to the buyer, 10,000 naira (US$85).

“When I travelled to the village, I gave my brother 25,000 naira (US$213) to start a trade. But while in the village, my conscience started pricking me as I started thinking about the children. I could no longer stand the pressure and, therefore, had to come back to Lagos two weeks ago to inform the father of the children what I had done. It was him who contacted the Police,” she told journalists Thursday.

The alleged buyer, Uloma, denied buying the babies, saying she only saved the babies from the claws of their mother who intended throwing them away.

The babies, said to be in good condition, are now with the Nigerian Red Cross, while the suspects are expected to be charged to court. Panapress.

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