Zambia seizes corrupt properties in Belgium to fund health sector

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The Zambian government has disclosed it earned about 13.6 billion Kwacha from the sale of seized properties and that the money will be spent to build health facilities countrywide. (1US dollar = K3,360)

Zambia’s Information Minister Mike Mulongoti, who is also chief government spokesperson said in a statement the funds would be used to build maternity wards in order to improve the health standards of women and children in the country.

Mulongoti disclosed that more than K200 billion was projected to be raised from the sale of recovered properties such as motor vehicles, industrial and agricultural equipment, warehouses and residential properties countrywide.

Among the properties recovered, are 30 apartments in Belgium estimated at US$ 8 million, while K85 billion worth of assets were surrendered to the state for disposal.

According to the government, about K116 billion worth of assets recovered had allegedly been plundered, stolen, or unlawfully obtained between 1991 and 2001 during former president Frederick Chiluba’s tenure of office.

Chiluba is currently in court for trial, facing various charges that relate to corruption. Panapress .

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