Morocco court postpones factory fire case

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The case of Rosaor Ameublement, the factory that burned down April 26 causing the death of 56 workers, took an unprecedented turn in the Moroccan kingdom where the trial was postponed for a second time.

By Kaci Racelma our correspondent in Morocco

The decision to postpone the trial to May 14 was taken after a short meeting between the court and the victims’ lawyers who say the postponement is to give them enough time to review the Proceedings of the Judicial Police and also to prepare civil complaints launched by families of the victims, who have called for a strict application of the law.

The Mofarrihs, father and son, have been charged with “lack of security and sefaty conditions necessary for the preservation of life of employees, homicide and accidental injury and non-assistance to endangered persons” by the Casablanca Court of Appeal.

A third person, Hicham Falah, has also been charged with causing “involuntary fire to property, killing more than one person and injuring others”.

Arousing widespread indignation in Morocco over working conditions in the private sector, the tragedy has also lead to the creation of a committee made up of survivors, representatives of families of victims and concerned citizens, to support victims of the fire. Besides condemning the lack of appropriate working conditions in the factory, the committee is also calling for a fair trial and a strict application of the law.

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