Nigerians reprimand their President

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The approval rating of Nigeria’s President Umaru Yar’Adu a has fallen from 79% nine months ago to 48% now, according to an opinion poll by the private Guardian newspaper, published Sunday.

It said the poll found the President wanting in all indices of his administration’s ‘seven-point agenda’, which listed areas of priority to the government as power, electoral reforms, education, agriculture, the Niger Delta, health and employment generation.

According to the poll, which covered 2,000 Nigerians spread across the country’s six geopolitical zones, Nigerians who are dissatisfied with the President’s performance have increased from 21% to 52%.

The poll also found that only 18% of Nigerians are ”highly satisfied” with the work of the federal lawmakers, while those who are ”less satisfied” with their performance represent 45%.

The publication of the poll coincided with the first anniversary of Yar’Adua’s administration.

While there seems to be a consensus, especially among government critics, that the administration has been slow in implementing its agenda, the President said during a media chat programme 29 May that his government had been busy laying a solid foundation for activities that would improve the fortunes of his compatriots. Panapress .

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