Yves Saint Laurent’s ashes to be kept in Marrakech Morocco

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The ashes of the late french international designer, 71 year old Yves Saint Laurent, who passed away Sunday evening in Paris, will be kept in a tomb in the “Majorelle” botanical gardens, a property he acquired in Marrakech (south of Morocco) in the 1980’s.

“The designer will be incinerated and his ashes kept in a tomb in the ‘Majorelle’ botanical gardens, a property he acquired in Marrakech, Morocco, in the 1980’s” said the Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent foundation in a statement Monday.

Yves Saint Laurent discovered the ochre town in 1967. Several years later, himself and his businessman friend and life partner, Peirre Bergé, bought the house of gardens which once belonged to Jacques Majorelle the painter.

In March 2000, they decided to restore the garden at great cost. Four years later they started an association to save protect and beautify the majorelle gardens “l’Association pour la sauvegarde et le rayonnement du jardin Majorelle“.

Yves Saint Laurent’s last visit to Marrakech was in November 2006 when he spent his summer vacations in Tangier situated in the north of Morocco, where he owned another property.

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