Security in Algeria : Deadly attacks in Beni Amrane (Boumerdes)

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Two people, including a French engineer, were killed in a double terrorist attack yesterday afternoon in Beni Amrane in the Bourmedes wilaya.

As sores continue bleeding from the last two attacks which killed about 12 people, one in Bordj EL Kifan and the other at Cape Djinet, the perpetrators believed to belong to the north African wing of Al Qaeda, GSPC, hit again with two more attacks Sunday, considerably raising the number of victims on their death list.

The attacks, which were carried out in Beni Amrane in the Bourmedes wilaya, killed two persons and wounded several others. According to sources, the two persons were killed when their convoy [from Razel, a french company] accompanied by armed Algerian security guards was hit by a bomb. One of the two killed was a french engineer.

Another bomb went off shortly after the arrival of medics, wounding about ten people including two civil security guards and other algerian citizens.
It is widely believed that the French company, Razel, in charge of the repairs of a damaged train tunnel in the city of Amal in the Bouira wilaya, has become a target for bloody attacks because of its links to France a western country.

In recent days, the Kabylie region has become a fiefdom of terrorist activities linked to Al Qaeda. Following the last two attacks security has been reinforced in the region including the forest area of Takhoukht where heavily equipped security forces are said to be closing in on a terrorist group.

These last two terrorist attacks have raised questions surrounding security in Algeria where narrations of successes differ from the real dangers.

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