Three suspected road robbers burnt alive

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Flag of Guinea
Flag of Guinea

A road armed robber and his two accomplices were extracted with force, Wednesday, from the main police station in Kouroussa, 400 km from Conakry the Guinean capital, before being set ablaze, the national radio reported.

The policemen could not restrain the angry mob who seized Friky Camara, El Hadj Douty Dabo and his son, Sekou Dabo, before burning them alive with car tyres.

The robbers, Mamadi Oulare and Friky Camara were arrested earlier this week by a visiting soldier from the capital, Conakry, when the car by which he was travelling chanced upon passengers of two buses held at gun point while their wares were being looted.

According to witnesses interviewed by the radio, the soldier who was aware of the danger intervened by aiming and shooting Mamadi Oulare’s buttocks and neutralising his accomplice, Friky Camara.

The two robbers claimed responsibility during their interrogation while in police custody and also denounced El Hadj Douty Dabo as well as Sekou Dabo as their accomplices. A second gun and several automatic fire arm bullets were discovered during a search at El Hadj Dabo’s house.

Several attacks on vehicles in recent times have led to loss of lives and the theft of millions of guinean francs as well as goods.

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