Egypt-Gaza border to be reopened ahead of Hamas-Israeli truce

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Ahead of a ceasefire agreement between Palestinians and Israelis going into effect, the Egyptian government agreed to temporarily reopen the Rafah Border Crossing to allow Palestinians stranded in Egypt to return to Gaza.

The ceasefire deal begins Thursday at 6 am Egyptian local time.

The border will be opened on Thursday from the beginning of the ceasefire agreement in the morning throughout the day.

Egypt hopes the relative calm created by the ceasefire will allow a smooth opening.

Palestinians who had been in Egypt receiving medical treatments are expected to return to Gaza in the one-way opening, the Egyptian government said.

The Rafah Border Crossing is Gaza’s only point that Palestinians are able to exit and return to the small Mediterranean strip of land without going through Israel.

However, even Egypt’s opening of the border does not end Israel’s economic blockade on Gaza. Israel said Wednesday that if the ceasefire remained in tact for the coming week, measures would be taken to reduce the economic constraints on Gazans.

“If the fighting indeed ceases Thursday as planned, Israel will ease its blockade of Gaza next week,” Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev said. Panapress .

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