Casablanca court sentences culprits of mattress factory fire

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judgment of the three persons accused of direct responsibility in a factory fire which caused the death of 55 workers and wounded several others in Casablanca, two months ago, was made Thursday.

After several postponements of the factroy fire case, the Casablanca court Thursday, June 19, decided against the three accused persons and pronounced prison terms ranging between two to four years.

The owner of the factory and main culprit, Abdelali Moufrih, said to have discarded a burning cigarette butt in the factory, got a 4 year jail term and a 1000 Dirham fine, while Adil, his son and manager of the facility was sentenced to two years in jail with the same fine.

The verdict has met harsh criticisms from the families of the victims who see this tragedy as “a great disaster” that requires heavier penalties for the perpetrators.

The investigations of the trusted judicial police concluded that the fire was caused by human error after a butt fell on flammable materials.

The families are expected to appeal for heavier sentences.

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