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British researchers prove humans can live 14 years longer
According to a recent British study, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t if you adopt four healthy behaviours: don’t smoke; take at least half an hour’s exercise every day; drink alcohol only in moderation; and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables….

Researchers at Cambridge University monitored 20,000 healthy men and women over the course of eleven years.

Aged between 45 and 79, they all answered a questionnaire and were given a score ranging from 0 to 4, with 0 reserved for those who didn’t follow any of what researchers believe to be the essential four behaviours: not smoking; taking regular physical exercise; drinking only in moderation (that is, not more three glasses of wine a day for men and two glasses a day for women); and eating five daily portions of fruit and vegetables.

The results are indisputable. Over the eleven years of the study, those participants who did not adopt any of these four behavioural patterns proved to have developed a risk of premature death four times higher than those who had.

More worrying still, for members of the cohort who received a 0 score in the questionnaire, the risk of death was identical to that of people who were 14 years older but who adhered to these 4 healthy behaviours.

A clear reminder that lifestyle choices are our best ally in achieving good health!

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