Malawian President buys arms, food and cars for Mugabe and calls critics “monkeys”

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Malawians have roundly condemned their leader Bingu Mutharika for likening them to “brainless yapping monkeys in the bush.”

Last week Mutharika had told reporters that he was fed up with Malawians pressing him to make clear his stance on Robert Mugabe’s self-created political crisis situation in Zimbabwe.

Said Mutharika at Kamuzu International Airport, “There are countries outside Africa that are saying, why is Malawi not saying something on Zimbabwe. Well, my stand has always been we are not uncivilized, we may be poor but we have brains,”

Mutharika cited EU as an example that France, as the new president of EU, is mandated to speak on behalf of the grouping.

However, as more and more African governments continue to condemn Mugabe’s bad leadership policies, Mugabe enjoys heroism and backing by Mutharika himself and not the people of Malawi.

The Malawi media today say the two leader’s relationship is not clean.
It claims that Mutharika has purchased teargas from Britain for the Mugabe regime which is under Western sanctions and has banned local civil society protests in solidarity with their counterparts in Zimbabwe.

Mutharika has purchased on behalf of Mugabe 400, 000 metric tonnes of maize from the meagre maize yield to assist Mugabe win the elections and this is apart from weekly supplies of food and resources purchased by State House in Malawi, using tax payers’ money.

It is further alleged that these supplies are transported to Zimbabwe using Mutharika’s personal vehicles, Mercedes Benz registration number LA 2424 and Volvo BN 8100 and at the expense of the taxpayer.

President Mutharika is the ally of Mugabe. The Midima Road was renamed Robert Mugabe Highway in May 2006 causing civil society unrest and public disgust.

In return Mugabe is said to be currently refurbishing Mutharika’s home in Avondale in Harare while on the other hand Mutharika is refurbishing a house for Mugabe in Area 43 in Lilongwe,” intelligence officials are quoted as saying.

Mutharika also has a farm in Zimbabwe.

It is said most Malawians who listened to Mutharika’s demeaning remarks questioned his mental state.

Of late the President has been calling Malawians from various sectors scores of rude names.

Reports say he once described opposition Members of Parliament as ‘rats on two legs’.

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