Fears of fuel-hoarding as fuel tanker drivers strike in Nigeria

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Fuel tanker drivers in Nigeria have embarked on an indefinite strike to press for better pay and work conditions, according to the Secretary of the Petroleum Tanker Drivers Association, Nujeem Korodo.

”With effect from today (Thursday), we have commenced an indefinite strike and no loading of refined petroleum (products) is expected in all fuel depots across the country,” he told journalists here.

The association had given a 21-day ultimatum, which has expired, to their employers and the government to raise their monthly pay, which is 12,000 naira (US$102), ensure good roads and reduce the cost of diesel, which now sells at over double the official rate.

Though vehicular queues have yet to surface at most filling stations in the commercial city in Lagos as at Friday morning, indications are that the queues will start as soon as stations run out of their present stock.

Unscrupulous station operators may also shut the gates of their stations to motorists to create an artificial scarcity, thus forcing prices to rise and the black market to thrive

Strikes by fuel tanker drivers are usually very effective, paralysing all social and economic activities as private and commercial vehicles run out of fuel.

Nigeria’s public sector teachers are currently on strike also to press for better remuneration, and the umbrella Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has threatened to call out other unions if the government fails to accede to the teachers’ demands by this weekend.. Panapress .

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