Tough court ruling against two Moroccan terrorists

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Moroccan terrorist, Hicham Doukali, who attempted a suicide attack against tourists on August 13, 2007 in Morocco, was sentenced, Thursday, for life while his accomplice got a ten year jail term.

The two terrorists, both engineers, were prosecuted for having constituted a criminal gang with the intent of preparing and committing terrorist acts, thus, undermining public order through terror and violence.

They are said to have admitted accusations of having possessed and made use of explosives to affect the physical integrity and safety of people in the Moroccan kingdom.

The recent arrests of four other presumed terrorists linked to this affair, in Meknes, has led to the dismantling of other terrorist networks in Morocco.

The Moroccan government has undertaken, in recent years, rigorous investigations and crackdowns on terrorist organitsation as well as their various support networks, a strategy that has so far proved its effectiveness.

More than a hundred terrorists have been arrested as the authorities intercept and dismantle terrorist operations.

Meanwhile, the Moroccan government has also decided to give a high priority to unemployment, supposed to be the major cause of the youth’s involvement in terrorism, by injecting a lot of funds into the creation of jobs.

Educational programmes are also being undertaken to create awareness among young people, particularly in resource-poor settings.

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