Is President hitting it out with divorced former First Lady ?

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Is Malawian President Bingu Mutharika doing the Madiba Act?

Well not that he is turning 90 or being jailed for 27 years, Mutharika is reportedly hitting it out with former Zambian First Lady, Vera Chiluba.

Nelson Mandela, divorced his wife, Winnie and settled for Mozambique former First Lady Gracai Machel, the widow of Mozambican President Samora Machel.

Weekend reports from Malawi say hardly a year after the death of his Zimbabwean wife of 40 years, Ethel Mutharika, Mr. Bingu Mutharika is linked with Vera Chiluba.

Vera was divorced from Zambia’s ex-ruler Fredrick Chiluba in late 2001 on allegations of adultery.

She was suspected to have been in an illicit affair with a business tycoon, Archie Mactribouy. She was Chiluba’s second wife and had nine children together.

Sexy gifts

According to a Malawian publication, the two have been exchanging “sexy gifts” and Vera has sent the Malawi ruler several presents ranging from men’s underwear to her own knickers as well as potency pills.

It says its source disclosed that Vera has been visiting the Malawi leader at the New State House, a claim which a State House source in Lilongwe confirmed.

“We have been hosting Vera,” a journal quoted an officer working at State. It added that a senior aide to Mutharika said the matter was “mere speculation” until it becomes “official”.

Not marriage material

The President’s brother Prof Peter Mutharika, reportedly advised Bingu to be in love, but not to marry, according to sources close to the Head of State.

The publication says that another State House informant disclosed that Vera was last seen as a special guest of Mutharika a week before the Malawi leader flew to the Egyptian Holiday Resort of Sharma El-Sheikh for the 11th session of the African Union Summit.

She was here before the President left for Egypt,” said the source.

However, Mutharika has been linked to several high ranking government women namely Majorie Ngaunje [former health minister], Anna Kachikho [Women’s minister] and Patricia Botomani Kaliati [Information Minister] since the death of his wife.

During her divorce, Vera Chiluba asked for a settlement of $2.5 billion (more than three quarters of her county’s Gross Domestic Product) in addition to a share of concrete assets including six houses and a farm, she is also reported to have demanded over 400 cows, sheep, and goats. Since it is unknown exactly how much the ex-president was worth or how he was able to acquire the money this case has not yet been settled and Vera is living off government assistance. She was also reported to have refused to surrender her diplomatic passport.

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