Morocco’s good economic health welcomed

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Private investors invited to participate in wealth creation.

The Moroccan economy is doing well despite the difficult international situation marked by the rise in prices of oil. The Minister of Economy and Finance Salah Eddine Mezouar has confirmed Tuesday, July 22, this expansion during a meeting with employers.

The Moroccan government confirmed the healthy state of the economy of the kingdom during a meeting with the employers to whom an appeal to contribute to the development of the country, was launched.

Despite the international situation characterized by the significant rise in oil prices, investment grew by 26% to 32% and private entrepreneurs are expected to become more involved in economic projects and the creation of many more employment.

The Minister of Economy and Finance said that since 2001, the rate of non-agricultural growth has increased by over 6% per annum. Unemployment has fallen from 14% to 10% while the inflation rate mastered during the current year.

The decline in VAT and customs duties on imported products is a measure that the Moroccan government grants for contractors to participate actively in the growth of the economy is doing well.

To maintain the same momentum, the government encourages partnership between the public and private sectors in order to give a qualitative boost to the national economy.

The land and real estate sector in Morocco is a niche carrier that has enabled the country to cope with the problem of housing for the past five years.

By the way, the Government welcomes this momentum by calling for more private investment encouraged by fiscal measures.

The agricultural sector is of significant importance to the Moroccan kingdom where farmers benefit.

The mobilization of human and material resources in this sector has made Morocco one of the most productive countries in Africa. Numerous agricultural products flood the European markets, like oranges.

Many also believe that the example of Morocco is truly inspiring, especially since its wealth comes from a ground that contains no oil, a product which reached the 150 dollars on the international markets.

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