The government prepares a law banning smoking in public places

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The Moroccan government is preparing a law prohibiting smoking in public places and the sale of cigarettes to minors less than 18 years.
A bill in this regard was adopted by members of the first chamber and it is earmarked to be adopted during the next session in October.

The Moroccan government which is adopting this policy seeks to prevent the harmful effects of smoking and reducing tobacco advertising.

In public institutions, and government offices, courts inside schools, coffee houses and restaurants with an area not exceeding 50 m2, smoking will be banned and smokers will be asked to choose spaces that are specifically reserved for their needs.

The measures are then merciless against those who dare to deride the law. Smoking a cigarette in a public place is then liable to a fine of 100 dirham and double for repeat offenders. This penalty is increased to 500 dirham against the head of public place if it violates its own law.

The message of prevention of cigarettes is therefore mandatory and fines up to 10,000 dirham directed against those who should not decline to the force of law.

The sale of cigarettes to minors is also prohibited and punishable by a fine of 2000 dirham and in case of recurrence 5000 dirham with the possibility of withdrawal of license for the office of tobacco is the sentence reserved to those who are guilty of having not respected the dispositions of the law. Half the collected fines will be paid to the associations to educate citizens in harm of smoking.

The Moroccan civil society welcomes this initiative which it considers to be in line to deter and bring more people to quit smoking.
The Moroccan government did not hide its deep concern at the phenomenon of smoking, which affects, according to a survey of the Ministry of Health, nearly 35% of the male population aged over 20 years.

The Ministry of Health of the Kingdom also ends up in a conclusion that the number of cancer patients, in reason of smoking is constantly growing what is considered by the Moroccan population as a danger to the society.

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