Passenger arrested for threatening to explode plane in mid-air

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Paulo Estevao, otherwise called Dangerman, one of the six men acquitted 1 July in the case of the attempted murder of popular Mozambican lawyer Albano Silva, is back in jail, this time, for threatening to blow up an aircraft.

According to a police spokesperson, cited Thursday night by the independent television station STV, the incident happened Tuesday on a Mozambique Airlines (LAM) flight from Beira to Maputo.

Dangerman had been drinking, and when he demanded more alcohol, the LAM cabin crew refused.

Following the denial, he became aggressive and abusive, and threatened to blow up the plane.

As is likely to happen with a passenger threatening terrorist action anywhere else in the world, as soon as the plane touched down, Dangerman was arrested by the police, who searched him and found that the threat was empty, in that he was not carrying harmful object.

Because the threat itself is a criminal offence, Dangerman was sentenced to jail in the Maputo top security prison, where he spent much of the previous eight years, awaiting trial for his alleged part in the plot to murder Silva.

Dangerman was head of security at the now defunct Unicambios Foreign Exchange Bureau, owned by Ayob Abdul Satar, one of the business figures currently serving a 24-year prison sentence for the murder of investigative journalist Carlos Cardoso.

Although Dangerman and his five co-defendants were acquitted of the attempted murder of Silva, the case is not over, since both the public prosecutor and Silva’s private prosecution have appealed against the verdict.

The case will now be reviewed by the Supreme Court. Panapress .

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