EUFOR : Heavy Russian participation expected in September

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Russia will provide four Mig-8 helicopters and 120 soldiers to the European peace-keeping mission in Chad and the Central African Republic (CAR) — EUFOR-Chad/CAR, the European Union (EU) said in a statement Monday.

The EU noted that the full deployment of the Russian batch on the ground would start in September.

The Russian government had for a long time, agreed in principle to participate in the EUFOR-Chad/CAR to, among other things, secure the camps of Sudanese refugees, Chadian and Central African displaced persons.

The two sides needed an agreement to complete the technical and legal details before the full deployment of Russian soldiers in Chad and the CAR, the statement noted.

It is the first time Russia is taking part in a European military operation in Africa.

The European military mission now has 3,200 soldiers deployed in Chad and the CAR.

According to the statement, EUFOR-Chad/CAR will reach its full operational capacity when Russian soldiers are deployed on the ground.

Other non-EU member countries – Albania, Croatia and Ukraine – are expected to t ake part in the European mission, the EU stated. Panapress .

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