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Positive results announced in favour of President’s fertility treatments
Gambia’s Health and Medical Services Director, Dr. Tamsir Mbowe, has said that President Yahya Jammeh’s infertility treatment programme was working and 96 patients have conceived and are expecting babies.

The pro-government newspaper, Daily Observer, was quoted as reporting in its Monday edition that “so far, based on HCG and Abdominal Ultra Sound reports, 96 patients have been confirmed pregnant.

"Seven out of the 96 patients are from Europe and other African countries,” Mbowe said.

Mbowe, who is also the Director General of Jammeh’s treatment programme, also declared 4 August as the registration date for a new set of patients, while urging men suffering “impotency or sexual complications” to register.

He thanked Jammeh for what he called “restoring the health of the sick” and his immense contribution in promoting health in Gambia.

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