Nigerian police on alert as Hezbollah terrorist plan against Israeli interests is uncovered

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A plan by the Hezbollah terrorist group to attack Israeli interests in Nigeria has been uncovered, according to the Israeli Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Moshi Ram.

Ambassador Ram, who made the disclosure during a visit to Nigeria’s Inspector-General of Police Mike Okiro in the capital city of Abuja Monday, said the plan was uncovered by the Israeli media.

“We are in a very problematic situation today, especially the Israeli embassy abroad, because of the threats that we got from the terrorist organisation Hezbollah to strike Israeli embassies in West Africa. Though they did not speak about a specific country, but there is intelligence and information that speak about this possibility (attack on Israeli interests in Nigeria),” he said.

The Ambassador said he had also met with the (Nigerian) State Security Service in an effort to forestall any attack.

Ambassador Ram however expressed satisfaction with the level of security provided by the Nigerian police to the Israeli embassy in Abuja and other interests in the country.

Okiro assured that the Nigerian police had already taken steps to ensure that such attacks do not occur.

The Lebanon-based Hezbollah, which means ‘the party of God’, is a Shia Islamic political group and paramilitary group set up in 1982 to resist the Israeli occupation of Lebanon. Panapress .

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