Mugabe to be granted amnesty in thursday’s deal with Tsvangirai

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A blanket amnesty would be availed to Zimbabwe leader Robert Mugabe for the crimes he allegedly committed since 1980, sources close to the talks have said.

Both Zanu PF and MDC sources say it has been agreed at the talks in South Africa to grant Mugabe, accused of killing scores of Ndebele speaking people in Matabeleland region in the early 1980s- amnesty.

The Gukurahundi – the massacre of the people of Matabeleland, which has never received the recognition or condemnation from the West that it deserves – has led the opposition MDC negotiators to demand that any transitional government must set up a Truth and Justice Commission to investigate this and other Zanu-PF atrocities.

They say the power sharing deal would be signed Thursday in Harare.

Under the arrangement Morgan Tsvangirai would become Prime Minister and effectively run the country as executive in the processes appoint two deputies, including one from MDC and another from Zanu-PF.

“There would be a 24-30 month transitional period leading to fresh elections” said an MDC source without elaborating.

Arthur Mutambara of the other MDC faction is said to be one of the vice presidents.

It is also understood that Mugabe would remain president with less powers.

Thabo Mbeki, SADC appointed mediator for the talks, would Thursday facilitate a face-to-face meeting on the draft between Tsvangirai and Mugabe in Harare.

MDC insists that only Tsvangirai can lead a new government since he won a first-round presidential vote in March before opting out on the June 27 run-off because of violence he says killed 122 of his supporters.

But ZANU-PF says it will not accept any deal that fails to recognise Mugabe’s re-election.

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