Lawyer wants movie director to get 80 lashes

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An Egyptian lawyer has demanded that an Egyptian movie director be given 80 lashes for making a film said to have ‘defamed’ the country.

But the call from the unnamed lawyer has attracted condemnation from the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI).

The unidentified lawyer specialises in ‘Hesba cases’ seeking to eliminate harmful practices and events from Islamic society.

ANHRI reported that the lawyer had sent an official warning to the Sheikh of Al Azhar demanding that his request be carried out.

Enas El Dighaidy, the director under fire, made a film titled “Diaries of a Teenage Girl,” which the disgruntled lawyer said had defamed Egypt.

The same lawyer had demanded the trial of the leading Egyptian opposition Editor Ibrahim Eissa of Al Dostour, over the ”President’s Health Case”, and the sanctioning of an Egyptian actress because she refused to wear the veil.

“Hesba has become a nightmare for authors and artists,” ANHRI said in a statement. “Such Hesba cases could not have increased without the blessing of the government and cooperation with Hesba lawyers.”

The pan-Arabic human rights organisation has asked the lawyer to drop his accusations and demands. Panapress.

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