Zimbabwe parliament set to reconvene

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The much awaited convening of Zimbabwe’s seventh parliament has been set for Tuesday next week.

It would be the first time for Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF not to have a majority.

Parliamentary clerk Austin Zvoma today confirmed the development.
He said “The swearing in would be on Tuesday to enable new legislators to execute carry out their duties”.

He also said preparations for the swearing in of members of the seventh parliament are progressing well.

After the swearing in, an all inclusive cabinet is expected to be formulated.

Zanu PF party lost its parliamentary majority for the first time since independence in 1980 in March elections.

A summit of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) held at the weekend in Johannesburg the leaders said Zimbabwe’s parliament may need to be convened while negotiations continued “to give effect to the will of the people” expressed in March.

Initially Tsvangirai’s party was aganist this but today they seem to have changed their stance a bit.

He said “Let Parliament be reconvened. As far as we are concerned we don’t see anything wrong with that. It will have no effect. Parliament is an expression of the will of the people, but Cabinet is another thing.”

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