Porn charges leveled at New Zealander and host for luring Gambian girls

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Anthony Michael Duson, a New Zealander, was arrested with his Gambian host Mustpha Drammeh, by the Gambia Police for establishing a company dealing with pornography.

Reports monitored from the Gambia Radio and Television Services stated that Duson arrived in The Gambia as a tourist, moving from his hotel to a rented apartment where the duo pays girls to record them while nude.

According to Police Superintendent Malang Ceesay, Commanding officer of Serious Crime Unit, his men investigated the allegation before arresting the two men with their lap-top computer and digital cameras mounted on the computer.

He said six girls had been identified as part of the network, but said their names would not be disclosed.

Ceesay said the lap-top and the camera were with the police for experts to go through before further action.

It is recalled that barely three months ago, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh said Gambia is a country of believers and that such sinful and immoral practices as homosexuality will not be tolerated in the country

Jammeh vowed to “cut off the head” of any homosexual found in his country and also said that a legislation will be introduced, which will be “stricter than those in Iran,” with regards to such acts.

Two Spanish nationals, were arrested and detained two weeks after the president’s statement, for allegedly being homosexuals.

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