Mugabe nervous as he gets booed in parliament

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Robert Mugabe opened parliament this morning (Tuesday) amid hackling by parliamentarians from the main opposition party- MDC.

MDC MPs kept on chanting and singing whenever Mugabe said something that they did not appreciate.

For instance when he said …Landmark agreements have been concluded, with every expectation that everyone will sign up,” there was a deafening shout from the MDC MPs.

“ZANU is rotten!” and “We have a pact with the people’ where the popular chants.

But Mugabe went on with his speech though he looked nervous at some point.

The MDC said Mugabe had no right to open the chamber and warned that the move would endanger the deadlocked negotiations.

There was speculation in the morning that they would boycott the opening.

Last week, Morgan Tsvangirai said any parliamentary session would be “a violation, repudiation of some of the conditions on the Memorandum of Understanding” signed in power-sharing talks between the country’s political rivals.

It is not clear when the stalled power-sharing talks led by South African President Thabo Mbeki will resume.

But the party’s parliamentarians nonetheless attended the opening of parliament, backing the MDC official who was elected to the powerful Speaker position on Monday.

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