Rebel hijackers release hostages and insist on proceeding to Paris

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According to reports from the Libyan press agency, all passengers aboard a hijacked Sudanese aircraft which landed in Libya for refueling were freed, Wednesday morning, by their hijackers.

The news agency made no mention of conditions under which the hostages were released. The future of the hijackers is not yet known.

The Sudanese passenger plane bound for Khartoum, a Sun Air Boeing 737/200, carrying 95 persons was hijacked shortly after take-off and was forced to land at the Libyan airport of Al-Koufra, close to the Sudanese border, after an initial refusal from Egypt.

Libyan authorities said they authorised the plane to land on humanitarian grounds after the pilot radioed to say the aircraft was running out of fuel.

The Libyan Civil Aviation authorities also reported that negotiations were conducted with the hijackers, all night until three o’clock Wednesday morning, for the release of all the passengers.

The hijackers who confirmed that they were members of a Darfur rebel group, also insisted on proceeding to Paris, France where their ex leader, Mohammed Nour, is exiled.

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