More Destruction of lives and property expected in Ghana

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More bloodshed and acts of aggression is expected in the months leading to Decembers presidential and legislative elections in Ghana, analysts have warned.

In anticipation, a 12-hour curfew has been enforced and additional joint military-police patrols have been positioned on the streets in the northern region of the country to curb the expected hostilities.

It has been a violent year in Ghanaian standards, [particularly in the northern parts of the country], contrary to their peaceful status in the West African region. In the beginning of the year, they experienced violent land rights clashes and in early August, violence hit the roof during voter’s registration as supporters of the two major political parties vandalised registration centres and exchanged gun shots.

The violence that broke in the Northern Region’s capital of Tamale left buildings on fire, bullet perforated walls and burnt vehicles. Three people were killed and several injured in the stand-offs.

The leader of an anti-violence campaign in the north of Ghana has urged Ghanaians to maintain the peace they are known for and let the elections go on bloodlessly.

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