Nigerian President creates new ministry in charge of oil region

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In an attempt to bring peace and stability to the Oil producing region of the country, President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua yesterday created the Federal Ministry of the Niger-Delta.

It is reported that the move was a step up of efforts in progress to restore the commitment of his administration to the Niger-Delta.

The president also made Aviation, Transport, Works, Housing and Urban Development, Water Resources, as well as Agriculture and Rural Development substantive ministries.

It was made clear that the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) will be a parastatal under the new Federal Ministry of the Niger-Delta.

To certify that the workload is given the essential focus, it is reported that two ministers are being proposed to the Niger-Delta ministry; one will be in charge of the development of the area while the other will be in charge of construction of roads, electricity, etc instead of being handled by ministry of works or power.

?This will enhance better focus, quick implementation that would demonstrate the seriousness and commitment of this administration.? The president said.

Finally the minister of state will take charge of youth empowerment in the Niger-Delta because the region also have problems of youth development and empowerment.

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