Linguistic Atlas to provide Africa with a geo-linguistic map

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The preparation of a ‘linguistic Atlas’ for Africa has begun, according to the African Academy of Languages (ACALAN).

ACALAN announced at the celebration of its 7th anniversary Wednesday that the linguistic Atlas is a project expected to equip Africa with a documentation of all the languages spoken on the continent.

The Bamako-based ACALAN, which is the project’s initiator, said it would also help in producing ‘geolinguistic maps’ useful both for research and teaching.

The Academy, a specialised institution of the African Union (AU). has also announced the launch of a Masters and PhD programme in applied linguistics.

Scheduled to take place in Yaounde, Cameroon, the programme will train specialised linguists, professionals and educationalists so that they can become specialists in African languages.

The terminology and lexicography project based at the Kiswahili Institute in Dar-Es-Salam (Tanzania), the Bamako-based Interpreting and Translation Centre, as well as the “African languages and cyberspace” project are all at an advanced stage, ACALAN said.

To successfully carry out all these programmes, ACALAN has proposed the setting up of a priority fund for the development of languages.

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