Ghana is West Africa’s finest

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In spite of its slow proceedings and slow execution of development in last years polls, the World Bank & International Finance Consortium (IFC) viewpoint on “Doing Business 2009” has revealed that Ghana is the best West African country to do business in.

According to the report, Ghana remains the best place to do business in the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS), and was one of the top ten economies in Africa, by overall aggregate, for doing business.

It is reported that Ghana has only recorded improvement in the part of starting a business, as it abolished the requirements to register employment vacancies, and to obtain a company seal.

On the whole, Ghana is ranked 87th, out of the 181 countries ranked in “Doing Business 2009” by the World Bank and IFC, compared to 82nd out of 178 countries in Doing Business the previous year (2008).

The country, according to the report, also lingered as the best place to register property, and the best in protecting investors in ECOWAS.

Botswana, Senegal and Burkina Faso made key improvements in the record year of rigid reforms in Africa.

Liberia and Sierra Leone, along with other post-war countries like with Rwanda, were among the region’s most active reformers of business regulations.

Mauritius ranks uppermost on the continent, and moved up to 24 in the global rankings on the ease of doing business, and continues to give motivation for reform and good practices to other economies across Africa.

The runner-up in these overall rankings was South Africa at 32, followed by Botswana at 38. Bahrain and Mauritius join the ranks of the top 25 this year.

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