10 Al Qaeda terrorists arrested in raid by security forces

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The Mauritanian police force has arrested, during the last 24 hours, ten alleged islamist terrorists, security sources disclosed Sunday.

The suspected terrorists were arrested during a general raid on the radical islamist mediums affiliated to the regional branch of Al-Qaida in the Arab Maghreb.

The raid followed a report on the influx into Mauritania, through Mali and south of Algeria, of terrorist groups with intent to engage in car bomb attacks in various places, including public buildings.

Identities of some of the terrorists will be unveiled by the country’s intelligence services which had arrested them earlier during police raid on the hide-outs of the salafist terrorists last May.

This development has led to the tightening of security with an impressive security operation that had been noticed in several districts of Nouakchott towards the end of the week as citizens became more careful for fear of attack by the terrorists.

According to Isselmou Ould Moustapha, Director of Publication of the Tahalil newspaper, who is also a specialist in the terrorist movement in Mauritania, the report on imminence of terrorist attacks, came close to being a “political scheming ” of the new regime in order to earn the sympathy of the western countries in a difficult political context.

It is recalled that after the 6 August military coup d’etat in Mauritania, the regional branch of Al Qaida in Maghreb has threatened to attack the country.

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