Asian supermarkets flooding Uganda with expired goods

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The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) officials found out that most supermarkets in Eastern Uganda are flooded with expired goods.

It was discovered that the traders repackage the goods or place a new date on the old packs.

The head of the Surveillance Division at UNBS, Martin Imalingat said that by their investigations, the problem is a serious one and would need attention from the office, the public and police.

There is mounting pressure on the trade union to take far-reaching stance in response to this unhealthy scheme that is unhealthy for the masses and the country as a whole.

The expired items were recovered mostly from Asian owned supermarkets. The expired products included, among others soda, juice, sweets, tomato sauce, biscuits, bread, Blue Band margarine and cosmetics.

The supermarket owners modify the appearance of the expired products and display them for the unsuspecting members of the public to buy. ‘Most of these products especially cosmetics are carcinogenic (can cause cancer) because they contain mercury and lead,’ Mr Imalingat said.

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