Number 1 First Lady Detective Agency with Jill Scott takes shape

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Entitled “The Number 1 First Lady Detective Agency movie”, this movie, which is one of the maiden editions to be shot in Botswana, is being filmed on location near Gaborone, the Botswana capital.

Themovie, starring the American song bird Jill Scott as the main actress and the lady detective or Mmaramotshwa (in local parlance), is being finalised in Gabane, about four kilometres away from Gaborone.

The first part of the movie was filmed in 2007 on location built specifically for the movie at Kgale View in Gaborone. However this time, the movie producers have taken over an abandoned and dilapidated school in Gabane as the site for the latest filming.

The script for the first part of the movie was from a book by author Alexander McCall Smith, the director of the first part was Anthony Minghella who has since passed away.

It is not known whose script has been adapted this time and who has taken over from the late director.

Sources close to the production team say, the movie would now be a television series.

The company filming the television series is Precious Films which has now settled in the country after filming Botswana’s first movie.

The old Gabane Primary School has been transformed to The New Nazareth Orphanage, which is probably the name of the place in the movie that is filmed.

However, the production team is keeping mum about everything but rumours have it that the television series will continue for the next five years.

Gabane residents have welcomed the setting of a movie set in their village, hoping the film company would create employment, including engaging them as extras. Already a local man, his donkey cart and his donkeys have been employed on set.

Ndipo Mokoka, the Botswana Production Manager of Precious Films, confirmed that they were indeed filming a movie in Gabane but said they were not ready to reveal any information to the press.

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