Cows as school fees in a major Zimbabwean city

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A school in Bulawayo, a city in Zimbabwe’s, have asked for cows or fuel coupons to be paid as school fees.

The policy came as a result of the pressure of increasingly cash-strapped parents in the city who asked to pay with equivalent items. Those who did not have fuel coupons were asked to pay several litres of fuel.

Even though the policy was engineered by the some faction of parents, other affected residents in the city of Bulawayo have called on the government to take action against the alleged school policy.

The cash-strap situation was brought about by the inflation that is rocking Zimbabwe.

Last official figure given for annual inflation was 11,000,000%. A month ago, the central bank struck 10 zeros from the currency, making 10bn Zimbabwe dollars equal to one new dollar. Banks however, only allow individuals to withdraw a maximum of 1,000 new Zimbabwe dollars a day.

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