Zambian politicians fight for power

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The stage has been set for Zambia’s presidential elections in October. Zambians go to the polls to elect the former president Levy Mwanawasa’s replacement.

The government has pledged to ensure that next month’s presidential by-elections are held in a free and fair atmosphere in accordance with the tenets of good governance.

Zambia’s Patriot Front (PF) president Michael Sata has filed his nomination for the October 30 presidential election with a pledge to his supporters that he will defeat his rivals.

Sata filed his nomination papers after Lusaka High Court judge Philip Musonda dismissed with costs an application in which Patriotic Front (PF) Kasama Central member of Parliament Saviour Chishimba sought an injunction to restrain the PF leader from participating in the election.

“We are only left with 37 days (before October 30). So be calm, be patient and work with the police. Don’t provoke them and they will not provoke you,” Sata told his supporters outside the Supreme Court shortly after he filed his nomination papers.

Reports say Sata has declared assets that include seven guns valued at between K1,250,000 and K5,000,000 each.

“This company owns about seven properties, which have been assigned to it from my personal names and are deeds of my gifts to my children and family,” he said.

Sata also owns 33 per cent shares in City Advertisers Limited out of which he derived K6 million per annum, and 100 per cent shares in Gerald Julianos Oil where he had not yet derived any income.

Sata is reported also to have 20,000 shares worth K11.5 million in Standard Chartered Bank Zambia Limited, 20,000 shares in British Petroleum (BP) valued at K15 million, and 20,000 shares in Chilanga Cement plc (now Lafarge Cement) worth K3,150,000.

In his application, Dr Chishimba wanted the court to restrain Sata from filing his nomination because the PF president was allegedly not elected by the party’s general conference in line with its constitutional requirements.

He claims not to have been given an opportunity to contest the PF presidency because he was also interested in running for republican presidency on the party ticket.

United Party for National Development, Hakainde Hichilema is today expected to file his nomination papers for the October 30 election.

In his statement of assets and liabilities, Hichilema says he has net assets worth K38.8 billion.

According to him he also has land and buildings worth K20 billion, K7 billion in shares, receivables worth K2 billion, bank cash of K100 million and others amounting to K11 billion.

On liabilities he has K800 million bank loans, K300 million payables and K200 million contingent.

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