Militants in the Niger Delta rounded up

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Following information from some inhabitants of the Eleme area of Port Harcourt city, the Joint Task Force broke-into a den of suspected militants and arrested 27 people. This arrest is subsequent to the 229 arrests made some day earlier in a raid at the waterfront in the capital city of Port Harcourt.

Verifying the information on the JTF raid and arrests, Lt. Col. Sagir Musa, JTF spokesman in the state said the good thing about the operation was that no shot was fired and nobody was either injured or killed in the hour-long operation.

The JTF spokesperson also confirmed that two AK47 rifles, one locally made double barrelled pistol, 146 rounds of 7.62 mm special ammunition, six empty magazines and two cartridges were recovered.

Reports claim that the JTF raid was based on complaints from residents in the Eleme area, over the illegal activities that were being carried out by certain people they simply describe as hoodlums in the area.

Following the arrests, Lt. Col Sagir Musa has assured that investigations will be carried out to find out those who are blameworthy and prosecute them and to discharge those who are innocent.

The JTF had earlier in the week invaded the waterfronts in the city and arrested a number of troublemakers. The military also promised to investigate and ensure the safety of the law abiding people of the state.

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