Kenyan armed forces face Somali pirates

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The Kenyan Armed Forces has deployed units of its military to combat the rising Somalia hijacking and pirate activities in an attempt to rescues its ammunition ship.

The rescue mission is said to be full with danger as the 33 T-72 tanks, the Faina was carrying huge quantities of ammunition and grenade launchers for the Kenyan forces, making it a floating ammunition dump.

Reports claim that all factions of the Kenyan Armed Forces were on full alert on Sunday night and were cocked ready for a face-off with the pirates who seized a cargo ship carrying battle tanks for the army.

The Forces were regimented into action even as a heavily armed Russian warship entered Somalia waters and was preparing to rescue the crew of 17 Ukrainians, three Russians and a Latvian aboard the hijacked ship.

The Kenyan Navy has also taken up position in a joint operation to recover the hijacked Ukrainian cargo vessel, which was also carrying arms and ammunition.

Pentagon officials also announced that their US warship was also in the area to track both the 33 T-72 tanks, the Faina and the Russian missile frigate, the Neustrashimy.

According to the Kenyan Government, it will not negotiate with international criminals, pirates and terrorists and will endeavour to recover the hijacked ship and military cargo.

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