Zimbabwe team appeals to sell tickets in US dollars

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Dynamos FC, a surprise Caf Champions league semi finalist have applied to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe for permission to sell tickets for their African Champions League semi-final tie against Cotonsport Garoua at Rufaro in foreign currency.

There appears to be an agreement for all the tickets for the match against Cotonsport to be pre-sold in hard currency using the United States dollar.

The initial proposal has been that the cheapest ticket will cost US$10 although this figure could change depending on discussions between the club and the monetary authorities.

Assuming that 30 000 people pay to watch the match against Cotonsport, Dynamos will gross at least US$300 000 and the club will have enough hard currency to foot its costs to Cameroon.

There are plans to import tickets from South Africa with distinct security features that can be read on machines at entry points at Rufaro to eliminate possible counterfeits.

Dynamos desperately need hard cash, in foreign currency, to enable them to travel to Cameroon for the second leg of their showdown against Cotonsport.

Twice they have almost missed out on making away trips in the competition because they could not find enough foreign currency to pay for airline tickets.

They were forced to turn to fans and benefactors to scrape money together for trips to north Africa, eventually arriving just hours before the scheduled kick-off.

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