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ANC on the verge of splitting
The ruling Africa National Congress in South Africa could split amid growing speculation that a new political party would be formed soon.

There are rumours of behind-the-scenes campaigning and that key proponents of the party are busy canvassing support from ANC members.

Media reports from several publications say disgruntled pro Thabo Mbeki supportes are mulling the move.

But this would meet severe resistance from the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) which has already said it “will do everything in its power to smash the formation of any party formed in support of ousted president Mbeki.

Transport minister Jeff Radebe dismissed the rumonrs, saying "History shows what happens to a group breaking away from the ANC. They don’t get anywhere. Look at the PAC and the UDM today. They disappeared into one-party groups. No, the ANC is not worried about a new party”.

According to reports the new party if formed would be called ANC Activist Forum.

"We wish to state categorically that as the ANCYL in Limpopo we will do everything in our power to smash such a reactionary formation whose aim is to pursue selfish interests by individuals who could not serve the people of our country with diligence", the ANCYL is reported as saying.

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