Three African photographers exhibit in three countries

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Three African photographers who launched their works on September 22 in Dakar, Senegal, will be exhibiting in three countries on the continent.

Djibril Sy, Pelagie Gbaguidi and Obie Oberholzer, from Senegal, Benin and South Africa respectively, launched the exhibition, entitled “Africa plural 3+3”.

The exhibition which started in Dakar September 22 and ends on October 12, will also be in Banjul, The Gambia from October 24 to November 2, and then in Ziguinchor, Southern region of Senegal November 7-20 and finally to Bissau November 25 to December 5.

The event is organised by the cultural department of the Spanish Embassy in Dakar, in cooperation with Spanish cultural institution, named Casa Africa, based in Las Palmas, in the Canary Islands.

According to Sy, “the exhibition is intended to promote the image of the African Woman in Europe, in order to change Europeans’ perception of Africans as eternal immigrants”.

Sy has toured Dakar and the Northern region of Senegal to take pictures of scenes relating to the country’s economic, social, cultural, sporting and political life, while South Africa’s Obie Oberholzer has visited various parts of his country, as well as Zambia and Mozambique.

On her part, Pelagie Gbaguidi focused on the Island of Gorée, located some four kilometres from Dakar.

“Casa Africa is an institution which has been working for two years for the promotion of African culture in Spain. Its objective is to give African art more visibility”, Sy said.

Besides the works of the three photographers, the organisers are also presenting photographs by Spanish youths during their visits to Senegal and Mali.

“Africa plural” had organised a photo contest, entitled ‘Madrid Rumba al Sur’, which featured about 100 youths aged 16-17 from Madrid, Spain.

The youths toured Senegal and Mali for 24 days, as part of the contest and visited several cooperation and development projects.

At the end of the contest, the Spanish Embassy’s cultural section in Dakar selected the best photographs, with the photographers bagging prizes.

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