Dynamos accuse ZIFA of spying ahead of match with Cameroon

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As Dynamos FC of Zimbabwe’s prepares to do battle with Cameroonian champions Cotonsport Garoua it has accused top Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) offcial of smuggling a spy into their training camp.

Zifa programmes officer Jonathan Musavengana is alleged to have brought a Cameroonian spy to the Dynamos training session on Tuesday. This forced Dynamos injury prone captain to crisis Musavengana.

He said, “When we play as Dynamos or any other team in an international game, we are defending the sovereignty of Zimbabwe and it’s unfortunate for someone like Musave-ngana to sell our secrets to visitors.

“If I had my way, then there would be an investigation into Musavengana’s conduct and Zifa would have to take appropriate action (…) As one of the Zifa officials, we do not see anything wrong with him coming to our training session, but for him to bring a spy is another thing,” said Murape.

However, Musavengana swept to his defence yesterday and believes Dynamos coach David Mandigora and team manager Nyika Chifamba, who were on local radio, Spot FM, castigating the Zifa official on Tuesday, were looking for scapegoats.

“I have worked hard to ensure that everything is well for Dynamos in the Champions League (…) It’s true that I went to Rufaro and was coming to the pitch through the tunnel, but as soon as I realised that Dynamos were training we retreated.

“I told the guy that we could not proceed because Dynamos were training and as a football person I know that some people are not allowed at such training sessions (…) We never spent anything more than five minutes as we retreated to our car and had it been that the groundsman was nearby, we could have left the stadium. But the gate was locked and that’s where Chifamba caught up with us,” said Musavengana.

He said he would never work against any team representing Zimbabwe “because even my national pride will be at stake”.

The Cameroonian champions arrived in Harare on Wednesday with their Ivorian-born French coach Oumbledon Guedon Alain taking a cautious approach to the clash on Sunday.

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