Hacking alert in Nigeria

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The Nigerian Senate is presently considering a Bill aimed at restraining the activities of internet criminals as the government has come to realise the weight and capacity of the so called ‘group of hackers in Nigeria.’

The rise in internet technology know-how is becoming a head ache for Nigerians as its young men are increasingly seeking to use their computer knowledge for mischief.

Reports say that the information artery in Nigeria is leaky and susceptible and the group of hackers in Nigeria had berated the Nigerian government for not doing enough to secure and protect the Nigeria-based internet domains

According to claims, the nation and indeed all businesses in the country are in grave danger over the harm hackers can cause in the system if the internet platforms are left unprotected and not maximally secured.

The Senate’s considered Bill has proposed a 14 years jail term or Five Million Naira fine (or both) for those involved in any category of the listed internet crimes, including those who send viruses to wreck the computer systems of others.

According to a statement from the house of senates, ‘Nigeria is determined to encourage electronic transactions – registrations, financial transactions, and communication – and the need to guard the internet veracity of the country cannot be over emphasized.’

Days ago, a strange e-mail on President Umaru Yar’Adua was sent to some media houses supposedly under the internet platform of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). It has been reported that the hackers, had possibly invaded the NAN internet domain and sent the mail, all to achieve mischievous ends.

The platform of another major newspaper corporation in the country was also recently invaded. The hackers had declared that they were a group of hackers in Nigeria and bragged of having seized the CMS (Content Management System) of the newspaper’s site in such a way that the hackers’ message that displaced the newspaper’s stories could neither be edited nor twisted.

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