Albino body parts : A hot demand in Burundi

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In the past months, 26 albinos have been killed in Burundi for their body parts. The witchdoctors have however been indicted with the murders with reports saying they seek albino body parts for blood-money rituals.

A man and a teenage girl who were killed in Burundi were reportedly found dead with their legs and arms missing. Police also confirmed that the tip of the girl’s tongue was also removed.

Police have since arrested seven people linked with the murder of an albino teenage girl two months ago.

The seven people arrested had come to retrieve the body parts of the young girl when they were apprehended by the authorities. They admitted to selling the body parts to witchdoctors and blood-money seekers in Tanzania.

Albinos in Burundi have, however, been taking refuge in a provincial centre in Ruyigi, Burundi, where police were protecting them. The estimated 200 Albinos left in Burundi are now living in fear for their lives.

In Africa many people are affected by albinism characterized by the lack of pigmentation. In addition to sight problems and cancer risks that come with the condition, albinos are subject to persistent beliefs in Africa. In spite of educational campaigns, human sacrifices still occur on the continent. It is not that unusual to find the murder of an albino in the columns of an African newspaper.

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